For children that deserve more than an ordinary education

The fundraising programs at the Colby School are going ahead as planned. Pictures from the Fiesa de Mayo festival are now ready to be purchased with all of the profits going directly to the endowment of The Colby School.

Applications for Colby will be accepted, both for the starting and future school terms.

As previously noted, all dogs should be kept at home as the Colby School must keep a no dog policy due to the possibility of allergies.

The Colby School in Park City, Utah, has quickly become one of the most celebrated educational institutions in the western United States. The school is built on a unique philosophy that focuses on young students being able to move at their own pace through the educational process. Drawing on the curious nature of young children, the academic courses are filled with liberal arts lessons and the students use the unique perspective of a child to absorb educational materials.

Far from being a playground for elite families, the Colby School strives to incorporate children from all walks of life to create a true to life atmosphere. In addition to the standard topics, Colby also has a unique outdoor education program to teach the students more about the environment that they live in. The children can participate in summer programs and can even go to foreign countries to see how other cultures differ from the American experience.

Summer program information can be found on other pages of the website and have various areas of study for interested students and parents. In addition, field trips and learning travel experience vacations are being planned and registering now. These exciting summer programs can be found both online at the school’s website or from the course information office located on the campus.